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Theatrical works


Tel.: +972 544 299 807

Byalik 7, Tel Aviv, Israel

Polina Adamov

Russia :

" Tanya-Tanya" O. Muhina .

Director P. Fomenko, A. Prokhodko. "Pyotr Fomenko's Workshop" Theatre. Moscow. 1995

" Life is a Dream " P. Kalderon.

Director A. Prikhodko. Vakhtangov Theatre. Moscow. 1997

"The Main Thing Forgotten" Sholom Aleichem.

Director M. Teplitzky. Takoy Theater. Sankt-Petersburg. 2011


Ukraine :

Shelmenko Denshik by Kvitka-Osnovyanenko. Director A. Prikhodko. Molodiy Theatre. 1999

Overture Goodbye by I. Franko. Director A. Prikhodko. Theatre Suziriye 2000

Marquise de Sade by Yu. Misima. Director A. Prikhodko. National Theatre Franco. 2000


Israel :

Old woman and Miracle Worker by D. Harms. Director I. Berezin. Malenki Theatre. 2003

Woman in the Dunes by K. Abe. Director O. Rodovilsky. Teatron Arawi Ivry. 2003

Cabaret - a project for the film "Stage". Director M. Teplitzky. Habima Theatre - Heineken club . 2004

Stranger by Camus. Director I. Berezin. Malenki Theatre. 2004

Sarah Bernhardt by D. Marel . Director M. Teplitzky. Habima Theatre 2005

Rose of Erikho by R. Chen . Director I. Berezin. Malenki Theatre. 2005

The Adventures of Ziona . Director M. Beltov. Theatre haSimta . 2005

The game of luck  Opera C. Baraboo. Director G. Uriel-Sheni. KamerOpera theater. 2006

Woyzeck G.Byuhner. Director I. Berezin. Malenki Theatre. 2006

Forget Herostratus by G. Gorin. Director M. Kayt. Givatayim Theatre. 2006

This is the Great Sea by Y. Bar Yosef. Director D. Baron. Cameri Theatre. 2007

On Offense by F. Dostoevsky. Director I. Berezin. Malenki Theatre. 2007

The main thing was forgotten by Sholem Aleichem. Director M. Teplitzky. Tmuna theater. 2007

Metamorphosis by Kafka . Director M. Yuval. Opera frinzh . 2008

Someone behind Me solo performance Dovale Glickman. Director R.Keynan. Tsavta theater. 2008

Emigrants by S. Mrozhek . Director I. Berezin. Malenki Theatre. 2008

Little Tragedies by A. Pushkin. Director I. Berezin. Malenki Theatre. 2008

Orpheus in the Metro by H.Kortasar . Director I. Berezin. Malenki Theatre. 2009

Chairs by Eugene Ionesco. Director M. Teplitzky. Context Theatre. 2010

Political plays Pinter. Director D. Munte. Khan Theater. 2010

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. Director U. Ben-Moshe. Khan Theater. 2010

Job Roy Chen by J. Rot's novel. Director I. Berezin. Malenki Theatre. 2011

Mirela Efrat" Ya. Gordin. Director M. Teplitzky. Context Theatre. 2011

Stempenyu by Sholem Aleichem . Director M.Parhomovsky. Yiddishpiel theater. 2011

Molly Sweeney byB. Fril. Director D.Munte. Khan Theater. 2011

The Button by Y. Bar Yosef. Director M. Teplitzky. Context Theatre. 2011

Woman. Satan. Theatre haSimta . 2011

The Game of Love and Chance. by Marivaux. Director D. Munte. Khan Theater. 2012

Cloud - pen. Modern ballet by Noa Dar

Poper by H.Levin. Director M. Moshonov. Cameri Theatre. 2012

Iphigenia  Euripide. Director G. Roll. Theater Beer-Sheva 2012

Little man. What's now?. Falada. Director I. Tiran. Cameri Theatre. 2013

2 shorts & cat by A. Chekhov. Director D. Munte. Khan theatre. 2013

Overcoat by Gogol. Director Sh. Goldberg. Khan theatre. 2013

Our class. Director H. Snir. Cameri theatre. 2014

Odisseus Roee Chen. Director Sh. Goldberg. Gesher theatre. 2014

Elektra Sofokl. Director K. Azulay. Cameri theatre. 2014

Edipus Sofokl. Director H. Snir. Habima National theatre. 2015

Taken at Midnight by Mark Hayhurst. Director M. Captan. Habima National theatre. 2015

Gruesome playground injuries by Rajiv Joseph. Director E. Driges. Gesher theatre. 2015

Disgraced by Ayad Akhtar. Director K. Azulay. Cameri Theatre. 2015

The End of the Land by D. Grossman. Director H. Snir. Habima National theatre. 2016

Mefisto by T. Mann. Director O. Nitzan. Cameri theatre. 2016

A Mountain Does Not Move by Gilad Evron. Director I. Rubinstein. Beyt Lessin theatre. 2016

Three sisters by Anton Chekhov. Director H. Snir. Camery / Habima theatre. 2017

1984 by George Orwell. Director I. Rubinstein. Habima National theatre. 2017

The Secrets by Hadar Galron. Director K. Azulay. Beyt Lessin theatre. 2017

A Child Sleeps by Hanoh Levin. Director O. Nitzan. Camery / Habima theatre. 2018

Othello by W. Shakespeare. Director I. Rubinstein. Camery theat&re. 2018

Fiddler on the Roof by E. Menshikov. Balet Jerusalem. 2018

The Dodger Roy Chen. Director E. Driges. Tzavta. 2018

Shiva Shmuel Asfari. Director Y. Mitelpunkt. Beyt Lessin theatre. 2018

​A Last Knight Markovich. Director I. Rubinstein. Beyt Lessin theatre. 2018

Misery by Stephen King. Director I. Rubinstein. Camery theatre. 2019

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Piter Bruk. Director D. Munte. Khan theatre. 2019

Requiem Hanoh Levin. Director Y. Sherman. Beijing theatre. 2019

The Bride and the Butterfly Catcher N. Aloni. Director Y. Sherman. Gesher Theatre. 2019

Someone like me by Roy Chen. Director Y. Semel. Gesher theatre. 2019

The Treasure Under the Bridge by Roy Chen. Director A. Wolf. Gesher theatre. 2020

The Cut Glass Bowl opera by Hanna Ajiashvili. Director Sh. Lee Weiss. Meitar Ensemble. 2021

Romeo and Juliet opera by Vincenzo Bellini. Director H. Snir. Opera Israeli. 2021

A Midsummer Night's Dream by W. Shakespeare. Director Y. Sherman. Art Studio by Y. Levinshtein. 2021

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Director Y. Semel. Gesher theatre. 2022

Death of a Salesman by Artur Miller. Director Y. Sherman. Cameri theatre. 2022

He walked through the Fields by E. Menshikov. Jerusalem ballet. 2022

Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Director Y. Sherman.Beit Lessin theatre. 2023

Heda Gabler by Ibsen. Director Y. Sherman. Beit Lessin theatre. 2023

The Winter Tale by Shakespeare. Director Y. Sherman. Freiburg theater, Germany. 2023



"The Game of Love and Luck" - Israel TheaterAward - Best Costume Design, Israel (2012)

"Twelfth Night" - Israeli Theater Award - Best Costume Design, Israel (2010)

"Orpheus in the Metro" - Golden Hedgehog Award - Best Stage Design, Israel (2009)

"Stranger" - Best Fringe Show of the Year, Malenki, Israel (2004)

"Marquis de Sade" best stage design Award of the Year, Pectoral, Ukraine (1999)





About me

Polina Adamov (b. 1970) - Israeli stage designer and costume designer. Book designer. Born in Moscow. Finished IIP (Moscow Academy of print) with a diploma "Artist of the book ."

Works as a theater artist since 1995 in theaters in Russia , Ukraine, China and Israel. Prepares books, magazines and websites to Moscow and Tel Aviv. Works as a stage designer and costume designer in the Gesher Theater (Tel Aviv),  Little Theatre (Tel Aviv) , Khan Theatre (Jerusalem), Cameri Theatre (Tel Aviv), Habima Theatre (Tel Aviv), Opera Israeli etc. Married to an Israeli writer Roy Chen. 



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